God is faithful. Though we doubt, He's faithful. Though we question, He's faithful. Though we lose hope, He's faithful. 

God is faithful. His hand is mighty. His arm is strong. His will is sovereign. His love is relentless. His timing is perfect. His Word is true.  

God is faithful. To the saint. To the sinner. To the rich. To the poor. To the Black. To the White. To the male. To the female. To the seen. To the unseen.

God is faithful. To encourage. To equip. To empower. To reach. To renew. To release. To discover. To develop. To deploy. 

God is faithful. He will do what He said He would do. He will provide what He said He would provide. He will build what He said He would build. 

God is faithful. Every promise He has made will be fulfilled. Every purpose He has decreed will come to pass. Every plan He has devised will be completed.

God is faithful. His faithfulness cannot be stopped. His faithfulness cannot be prevented. His faithfulness cannot be derailed.

God is faithful. In every season. In every year. In every generation. God is faithful.  

Our primary responsibility is this...