Pastor, you need to be cared for. You need to be listened to. You need to be heard. You need to be ministered to. You need a safe place where it is OK to talk about how you're really feeling. As an under-shepherd to the Good Shepherd, you need to be shepherded.

I've found one of the best places to receive this type of care is from other under-shepherds like yourself. Meet with another pastor in your city. Join a network of pastors. Connect with other pastors online. Do something. GET CARE. The quality of your care for others depends on it.

Additionally, pastor, you need to care for another pastor. A younger pastor. A newer pastor. A lonely pastor. You need to find a pastor who isn't being cared for and care for them. Minister to them. Ask them questions. Share your resources. Invest your time. GIVE CARE. In some ways, the quality of that pastor's care for their flock depends on your care for them. 

Too many of us are dried up spiritually, failing morally, unhealthy physically, and burnt out emotionally. Too many of us live lives of isolation, and it is only a matter of time before the enemy picks us off in the same way a lion can kill an elephant that has wandered away from its' herd.

Pastor, get care and give care. Soon. Our collective ability to carry out our task faithfully requires our commitment to these things. 

I write these words with deep conviction because in my 10+ years of volunteer/vocational ministry, I have had pastors who have extended care to me and their investment of time, effort, and energy has been a precious gift that has made all the difference in my ability to continue to be faithful to my call. 

As a pastor who cares for others, I am surrounded by pastors who care for me. 

Pastors, let's make it our goal to make this every pastor's reality.