#129 - FAILURE

Failure stinks.

It hurts.
It’s costly.
It’s demoralizing.
It’s embarrassing.

But after 28 years of failing, I can also say this about failure:

Failure has matured me.
Failure has developed me.
Failure has prepared me.
Failure has enlightened me.
Failure has toughened me.
Failure has humbled me.
Failure has relaxed me.
Failure has inspired me.

Failure has blessed me.

It has been the reason for every positive improvement.
It has been the catalyst for every positive adjustment.
It has been the motivation for every positive change.

Failure has transformed my life…for the better.

So if failure had such a positive impact on my life, why do I despise it?

Well the truth is, for the many compelling benefits listed above…

I shouldn’t despise failure.
I shouldn’t regret failure.
I shouldn’t avoid failure.

And neither should you.