I just completed my fourth message in 24 hours at the Summer Camp I am speaking at this week, and I am exhausted. 

I am physically, mentally and spiritually drained. 

Physically drained because of the amount of energy and enthusiasm that I put into my messages. Mentally drained because of the the amount of preparation and thought that goes into crafting the messages in a creative and compelling way. And spiritually drained because of the amount of desire and hope that I have for God to move in the hearts of these students in a supernatural way. 

I am exhausted. 

But for some reason I am also very energized.

Energized by the fact that I am giving my best.
Energized by the joy of being able to use my gifts.
Energized by the potential that exists within each student.
Energized by the hope that the message of Jesus Christ provides.
Energized by the privilege of serving the Kingdom of God in this way. 

Energized by exhaustion.

Energized by the fact that, tonight, I will lay my head down knowing that I have done the best that I could to use the gifts that God has given me to point people to Jesus Christ. 

I can't wait to see how God will use this energy He's given me to be a blessing to His people tomorrow!