Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blue print, and begin to build.
Robert Collier

Effective dreamers are visionaries.

Everything is created twice. The first creation taking place mentally. The second creation taking place physically.

For example:

Blueprints precede beautiful buildings.
Recipes precede delicious meals.
Business plans precede million-dollar businesses.

The truth is, effective dreamers are not only great at making their dream a reality in the physical realm, but they are equally and many times even more talented at envisioning the dream prior to its’ completion.

When a dreamer identifies their concern (whether for themselves, their community, or the world), many times their next natural step is to visualize an ideal solution. They visualize answers. They visualize possibilities. They visualize hope.

This envisioning or visualizing typically takes place in three different forms:

1. DREAMING the future.

Dreaming happens in the mind. Dreaming is the ability of seeing projects, structures, music, dance, words and other creations before they can be seen in the natural. Dreaming is creating a mental picture of what could and what should be. Dreaming brings a future desire into a present reality.

2. DISCUSSING the future.

Discussing happens with others. Sharing ideas. Exchanging thoughts. Giving feedback. Challenging concepts. Visualizing with others is a powerful way to bring life and growth to the dreams that have been birthed in your mind. A willingness to discuss the future shows a need for others and an understanding that the best ideas are a combination of several ideas.

3. DESIGNING the future.

Designing happens on paper. Designing or “Goal-Setting” is the art of taking what has been dreamt in the mind and discussed with others and putting those ideas on paper. Designing brings specificity to what you see becoming a reality. Designing brings into consideration deadlines, details, descriptions and drawings. Designing is visualizing made tangible.