He would achieve little must sacrifice little; he would achieve much must sacrifice much; he would attain highly must sacrifice greatly.
James Allen

Effective dreamers are sacrificial.

No pain. No gain. Though it is a saying that we are all too familiar with, it is a truth that effective dreamers have embraced.

Dreamers make sacrifices. When they have identified the goal which they intend to pursue, they have the rare ability to, in many different ways, delay their gratification until their goal is reached.

Effective dreamers understand that to produce results that most people do not produce,they have to make sacrifices that most people do not have to make. They are convinced that significant positive impact requires significant sacrifice. That being said, you can find effective dreamers sacrificing:

Security for feelings of Significance.
Prosperity for the joy of pursuing their Purpose.
Acceptance for a chance to fulfill their Assignment.

What motivates these tough and, many times, painful sacrifices?

I believe it an awareness that there are certain things that are more important than the temporary pleasures that they may be sacrificing. Effective dreamers sacrifice because they realize:

1. PEOPLE are more important

The lives that can be potentially changed or positively impacted as a result of a dream being realized provides great motivation for sacrifice.

For example, if you knew that sacrificing your personal financial security in order that 1,000’s of widows and orphans in a third-world country (or whatever people group means a lot to you) would have a better life, wouldn’t you make the sacrifice?

2. PROGRESS is more important

When it is understood that a certain sacrifice will lead to progress with a particular dream or goal the sacrifice is much easier to make.

When we are told our cholesterol level will be lowered, we sacrifice our desire for fast food. When we know our relationship with our loved ones will be strengthened, we sacrifice our pride and ask for (or extend) forgiveness. When we are convinced that a particular investment will produce a return, we sacrifice our hard earned dollars.

3. PURPOSE is more important

Effective dreamers understand that their life’s purpose has a higher priority over sleep, comfort, hard work, money, hobbies, and other temporary pleasures therefore, the decision to sacrifice those things is made.

They believe that “The greatest failure is to be successful in the wrong assignment” (Myles Munroe) so they are quick to sacrifice those things that have nothing to do with their purpose.