#547 - TWO DOORS

There are two types of doors.
I'd like you to know.
Two types you'll encounter
On the road as you go.

The first is the kind
you must push to get through.
With this type of door
the main character is you.

You have to work.
You have to fight.
To get through this door
You must use all your might.

Though there is some relief
when you finally get in.
The main problem is with
the tension within.

Was this a door
that I was to open?
Because if it was
why do I feel broken?

It's almost as if
it wasn't meant to be.
There's no calm. There's no peace.
On the inside of me.

But the second type of door
It's totally different.
When you see it you'll know.
You'll know in an instant.

Instead of your will.
Instead of determination.
This type of door
is marked by invitation.

Invitation to come.
Invitation to be a part.
Invitation to join.
Invitation to start.

When you walk through this door
It doesn't feel forced
But instead it feels like
By God it's endorsed!

These are the doors
you should wait patiently for.
These are the doors
when they open - don't ignore.

So why do I explain
the two doors that exist?
It's only because
 I must challenge how you persist.

It's not that I think
your hard work isn't okay.
I'd just like you to consider: