Things are in motion.
Progress is being made.
Goals are being accomplished.

Don’t get ahead of yourself.

Your message is spreading.
Your influence is increasing.
Your skills are developing.

Don’t get ahead of yourself.

Though you are not yet where you want to be,
you are no longer where you once were.

And that is reason to celebrate.

Don’t get ahead of yourself.

Be faithful with the opportunities in front of you.
Embrace those whom you currently serve.
Delight in today.

Don’t get ahead of yourself.

You are on track.
You are on your way.
You are right where you need to be.

Don’t get ahead of yourself.

The lesson we must all learn is this:

We are not yet where we want to be because we are not yet who we need to be.

God forbid our accolades ever overshadow our values.
God forbid our achievements ever outweigh our integrity.
God forbid our accomplishments ever surpass our character.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Would you join me in embracing the process of becoming?