Heavenly Father,

For reasons unknown to me, You have graced me with yet another opportunity to serve You in a capacity that is way beyond my current skill, experience, and expertise. And though I'm excited, I'm feeling way in over my head. 

I need Your comfort. I need Your peace. I need Your rest.

Help me to trust that the same grace that has brought me to this opportunity will be the same grace that gets me through this opportunity.  Help me to believe that the same God who opened the door will be the same God who walks with me through the door. Help me to expect that the same Holy Spirit who saved me will be the same Holy Spirit who will speak through me. 

You are God. I am just Your vessel. I am responsible for the natural. You are responsible for the supernatural. I am responsible for the preparation. You are responsible for the power. I am responsible for sowing the seed. You are responsible for making it grow.

I submit every thought, plan, and word to You. Not my will, but Your will be done. Not my words, but Your words be said. Not my ways, but Your ways be followed. 

I pray this in Jesus name (the only One who makes a relationship with You possible),