A challenge indeed.

To be content with your current opportunities,
yet ambitious to seek out even greater opportunities.

To be content with your current job,
yet ambitious to find employment even more congruent with your life’s purpose.

To be content with your level of faith,
yet ambitious to be a person who acts even more in accordance with what you believe.

To be content with your current social contribution,
yet ambitious to contribute at an even greater level to those in your sphere of influence.

To be content with your current relationships,
yet ambitious to develop relationships that even more deeply strengthen your character.

To be content with your current level of knowledge,
yet ambitious to become a person who is even more committed to personal development.

To be content with what you have already accomplished,
yet ambitious to complete every purpose for which you were created.

Content yet ambitious.

An easy mindset to establish. No.
A difficult mindset worth developing. Definitely.

As so eloquently stated by the late business philosopher Jim Rohn,

Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.

Content yet ambitious – a mindset for the mature.