As one who, from the time I graduated from high school, started developing great dreams, goals, and aspirations for my future, for many years, I struggled with faithfulness in the present.

It came more naturally to talk about it than to be about it. I felt more comfortable with coming up with a new pursuit than seeing my last pursuit through to completion. But when I heard these words, everything changed:

Your head can be in the clouds, but your feet have to be on the ground.

You can dream big dreams for the future, but you must take small steps in the present. You can have great aspirations for what could be, but you must be ready to give great dedication to what is. You can be confident that you were made for more, but you must be faithful when you're experiencing less.

Head in the clouds. Feet on the ground.

Vision statements must be accompanied by action plans. 5-year projections must be supported by daily goals. Grand declarations of where you're headed must be backed up by clear evidence that you're willing to put in the work to get there. 

Manage the tension. 

Then. Now.
Future. Present.
What will be. What is.
What you want. What you have.
Where you're going. Where you're at.

You must keep your eyes on both.

If your head is always in the clouds, you'll miss out on the beauty of today. If your feet are always on the ground, you'll miss out on the potential of tomorrow.