Tonight is a very big night in the life and history of theMOVEMENT Church. For the first time in our 4+ year history, following a fairly rigorous, thorough process, we are affirming members into our congregation and committing ourselves to serve and love each other in intentional ways. 

We have been working on and working through this process for about a year, and I have learned a lot. And, in a day and age when church membership and membership “covenants” may seem like an antiquated thing, I think it is wise for me to attempt to articulate what I have learned about what church membership is and what it isn’t.


  • It isn’t prescribed, nor is it very well described in the New Testament.
  • It isn’t a command of Christ.
  • It isn’t intended to create a “higher class” of Christian. 
  • It isn’t for everybody.


  • It is implied throughout the New Testament.
  • It is necessary to follow the commands of Christ. 
  • It is intended to create a higher degree of responsibility between the pastors and the congregation. 
  • It is for everybody with a desire for accountability towards holiness and a willingness to submit to pastoral leadership.

I know myself and our church has a lot to learn as it relates to facilitating and carrying out a membership process, but I am confident that God is honored by efforts! Like everything else we do, we will humbly carry out what we believe God is calling us to do, how He is leading us to do it, until He notifies us differently! Stay tuned!