#704 - CAPRI

Capri from the Harbor

Capri from the Harbor

The Capri Faraglioni!

The Capri Faraglioni!

View from Piazza Umberto

View from Piazza Umberto

  • Today was one of our busiest yet!

  • Woke up at 6:30a. Made sure all of our bags were packed.

  • Picked up by our shuttle at 7:30a to be taken to dock.

  • Boat for Capri left at 8:30a. Arrived in Capri at about 9:15a.

  • Took a fairly long walk up to the main Piazza in Capri. Enjoyed epic views.

  • Took a train back down.

  • Rented two chairs and an umbrella at the beach. Rebekah dipped her feet in. I swam. It was WONDERFUL!

  • I finished reading C.S. Lewis Voyage of the Dawn Treader while, on the beach, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea! Are you kidding me!

  • Ate lunch. I had a salami pizza. Rebekah had a prosciutto sandwich. Good food.

  • Boarded our boat at 2. Boat took us on a tour around Capri. Amazing how blue the water was out there!

  • Headed back to Sorrento. Arrived back at Sorrento at 3:30.

  • Got our stuff. Took a taxi to the train station.

  • Boarded the train for Napes at 4:30. Arrived in Naples after 6.

  • Settled into our Air BnB.

  • Went out to dinner. I had Rigatoni and sausage. Rebekah had risotto. Once again, great food. Rebekah and I couldn’t help but talk about how blessed we are to be able to take a vacation like this. God is so gracious and generous to us!

  • Went back to our place. Watched the new Dave Chappelle special on Netflix. IRREVERENTLY HILARIOUS!

  • Slept real good.