As a leader, you are always on the lookout for high capacity leaders to add to your team, staff, or organization. But how do you know what a high capacity leader looks like? How can you differentiate between a bad leader and a good one? 

The quickest way to improve your ability to recognize bad leaders is to allow yourself to be influenced by great leaders.

Podcasts. Books. Seminars. Webinars. Blog Posts.  

There is no excuse.  Access to great leaders and great leadership content has never been as readily and easily available as it is today.

As you immerse yourself in the thinking, philosophies, habits, motivations, approaches, strategies, and personalities of world-class leaders, poor leadership will become more obvious to you.

When you allow yourself to be invested in and influenced by great leaders, poor leadership qualities like laziness, passivity, lack of vision, delegation deficiency, pride, and false humility become incredibly obvious to you!  

In the same way that you know what bad chicken and waffles tastes like after having experienced great chicken and waffles (Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland, CA), your ability to recognize bad leaders will be most improved by your time influenced by great leaders.

Who are some of the great leaders you are influenced by and how are you influenced by them? Please leave your comments below, I'd really like to know!