Over the church planting journey, there are many Sundays that go by where it feels like just "another Sunday." There are also some Sundays that go by where it is a "rough" Sunday. Then, there are days like today, where I am reminded that God really is involved with what we're doing!

A few highlights from today included:

  • Feeling obedient to God in how He led me to prepare and preach the Word.
  • Extending public gratitude and honor to the 3 full-time staff members of our church.
  • Welcoming and publicly declaring our support of the Westbrook's who will be planting a church in Oakland in 2019.
  • Leading a discipleship training after church with over 50 people! Seeing God move amongst our 1-1 discipleship relationships is a beauty to behold!
  • Spending time with one of my disciplees after the discipleship meeting and being in awe and wonder of how God is transforming him from the inside out!
  • Running 12 miles with my dad! (Nothing to do with church, but still a blessing to be able to do!)

What a day. God is gracious. And I am BLESSED!