As I was reflecting on God's grace today, one thought made this grace that is already so beautiful to me, even more glorious than it already is. Though this already may be obvious to you, the thought was this: God does not owe me this grace.

This grace that created me. This grace that provides for me. This grace that sustains me. This grace that saved me. This grace that forgives me. This grace that sanctifies me. This grace that gives me a purpose. This grace that gives me gifts, talents, and abilities to carry out my purpose. This grace that promises to reunite me with Him. God does not owe me this grace.

I have not earned it. I have done nothing to deserve it. Absolutely nothing.

Yet He gives it to me anyways.

What I have earned is death. What I have merited is separation from God. What I deserve is punishment for sinning against fellow image-bearers of God and for sinning against God Himself.

But what I'm given...is grace. 

Though there are countless implications for how this amazing grace that I have received should impact how I treat others, the one at the top of my mind is this:

Grace is most authentic when the recipient is least deserving.