But I want so bad for my dreams to come true.

I know.
I understand.
I do too.

I’m just as anxious.
I’m just as expectant.
I’m just as desiring.

I long for the day when who I am and who I desire to be is one in the same.

But here’s what I know – All I have is today.

To love.
To pursue.
To make a difference.

All you have is today.

To give your gift.
To develop your discipline.
To share your story.

All you have is today.

To be faithful.
To be persistent.
To be committed.

All you have is today.

Though you won’t get it all done today.
Though every vision for your life will not come true today.
Though every purpose for your life will not be fulfilled today.

You do have today.

And today is enough.

You can act audaciously…today.
You can give generously…today.
You can pursue passionately…today.

And something tells me that…

The day you realize that today is all you have, you will also understand that today is all you need.

Enjoy today.
Embrace today.
Appreciate today.

Your tomorrow will be glad that you did.