Since returning from my summer sabbatical, God has been requiring of me that I give honor to others in ways that I, if I'm being honest, am not the most comfortable with. Here are a few things I'm learning:  

  1. Honor communicates gratitude.
  2. Honor attributes value. 
  3. Honor should be extended when it is earned.
  4. Honor doesn't have to be earned to be extended. (Respect is earned, honor is extended.) 
  5. Honor should be given both privately and publicly.
  6. Honor, when not given privately first, is disingenuous. 
  7. Honor requires humility because it's not about you. 
  8. Honor is a form of dying to self.  
  9. Honor is a way you become less so someone else can become more. 
  10. Honor shows preference for someone other than yourself.
  11. Honor, when reciprocated, feels great.
  12. Honor, when not reciprocated, feels lousy. 
  13. Honor can't be given expecting anything in return. 
  14. Honor strengthens the body of Christ.  
  15. Honor honors God. 

Who might God be requiring of you to honor?