I lived to write, and wrote to live. – Samuel Rodgers

Don’t you remember?

How motivated you were when a new concept to write about was birthed?
How invigorated you were when the words and phrases all started to “fit together?”
How accomplished you felt when you hit the “publish” button or sent in the manuscript?

The truth is, you miss it.

You miss the challenge of painting a picture with words.
You miss the satisfaction of penning a paragraph that inspires.
You miss the fulfillment of producing a piece that makes you smile.

You miss it.

You miss the erasing. You miss the drafting. You miss the re-writing.
You miss the struggle. You miss the frustration. You miss the “writer’s block.”
You miss writing the first line. You miss writing the best line. You miss writing the last line.

You miss it all.

And that is why you should start writing again…today.

But if that one reason isn’t enough to get you going,

Let me give you one more.

Not only do you miss your writing, but…

Your readers miss your writing too.