"I've loved you the way my Father has loved me. Make yourselves at home in my love." John 15:9

Dearly Beloved...

In the midst of your many responsibilities, busy schedule, bills to pay, and troubles that may be occupying your mind at this time...

Please pause for a moment and quiet your spirit.

I want to share my heart with you.

From the beginning, I have loved you with an unfailing love. My desire for your life has been that you and I would develop a love relationship that would fulfill all of your needs.

I understand that there have been many times when you have felt frustrated, confused, and alone. But I want to remind you that I love you and I will never forsake you. I long to be in fellowship with you.

I love you. Unconditionally.

In spite of your past...I love you still. Your heart may be very far from me. You may even resent me. I love you still.

And I will never stop loving you. Like the Father anticipating the return of his prodigal son, My arms are open wide ready to enter into a deeper love relationship with you. I desire to provide for you the peace, joy, and abundance of life that I fashioned you to experience. 

And when this life is over, I desire to spend eternity with you.

But the choice is ultimately yours,

What will you do with my love today?


Your Savior