No great thing is created suddenly. – Epicetus

Whether you see yourself as a “creative” or not, I am convinced that to accomplish the unique purpose for which you were born, you will need to exercise the creative abilities you have been given.

With this in mind, here is the creative cycle I go through as a writer. In sharing this, it is my intent that you would have a process by which you can bring to life every creative idea within you!

1. Consume

Consume content. Consume culture. Consume life.

Creativity starts with consumption.

Question to consider: What am I consuming?

2. Contemplate

Contemplate lessons. Contemplate reactions. Contemplate feelings.

Creativity develops through contemplation.

Question to consider: Do I invest the time to contemplate?

3. Create

Create art. Create products. Create experiences.

Creativity comes alive through creation.

Question to consider: What am I creating?

4. Contribute

Contribute to family. Contribute to friends. Contribute to the world.

Creativity becomes beneficial through contribution.

Question to consider: What was the last thing that I created that I “shipped?”

5. Critique

Critique the work. Critique the results. Critique the process.

Creativity improves through critiquing.

Question to consider: Do I have a process for evaluating what I create?

6. Continue

Continue the cycle. Continue the process. Continue the commitment.

Creativity is sustained by continuing.