I know. You're ready. You were ready 6 months ago. For the business to take off. For the idea to gain traction. For the opportunity to arrive. For the significant other to notice you. For "your time" to come.

I know how you feel.

It always seems like everyone else's time has come. It always seems like everyone but you is operating in the fullness of their gifts and abilities. It always seems like people who haven't worked as hard as you are getting the breaks you know you deserve.   

But here you are, still waiting. I wish I could tell you why you find yourself still waiting but, I can't.

What I can do is share with you three thoughts that encourage me when it seems like God is trying to lodge the lesson of patience deep within my being


Whenever God has poured out another measure of blessing, opportunity, or favor in my life, it has always been at the perfect time. It comes right when I need it. It comes right when others can benefit from it. It comes right when God can be most glorified by it. 

If I do not currently have the opportunity, influence, or impact I desire, it is because, right now, it is not in the best interests of myself, those around me, or the Kingdom of God for me to have what I want.


Why am I so anxious anyways? Am I not grateful for the opportunities I already have been given? (Ingratitude) Do I think I am more capable than I actually am? (Pride) Do I think time is running out? (Worry) Am I assuming that I know something that God doesn't? (Arrogance)

Nothing more clearly reveals the condition of your heart towards others and towards God than how you respond when you don't get what you think you deserve.


Is His love for me unable to fulfill? Is His grace for me insufficient to satisfy? Is His presence in my life incapable to comfort? Is my view of God's goodness only tied to God's gifts?

If so, this is a problem. If so, I have made an idol of the wrong things. If so, I've got it all backwards. 

The truth is, if Christ alone is not enough for me, nothing ever will be. 

What if God is withholding what He is withholding from you because He wants to strengthen your trust in His sovereignty, purify your heart, and become enough for you? Wouldn't those be great reasons? Shouldn't those be reasons you appreciate? Couldn't those be reasons that give you the willingness to joyfully persevere in patiently and humbly following Him?