I read this tweet by Pastor Rick Warren the other day, and I truly believe that your answers to these three questions can have a huge impact on whether or not you see to completion every purpose for which you were created:

To make an impact with your life answer 3 questions: What needs to be done? Why not me? Why not now?


  • Improve the US educational system?
  • End poverty in 3rd World Countries?
  • Teach financial literacy to young adults?
  • Re-build a community?
  • Provide support to a single mother?
  • Create uplifting music?
  • Write inspirational books?
  • Encourage healthy living?
  • Love your mother?
  • Forgive your father?
  • Invest quality time with your son?

It would be nice if many of the above things were accomplished, but from your perspective, what needs to be done?


  • Why not you be a catalyst for improving the US educational system?
  • Why not you play a role in ending poverty in 3rd World Countries?
  • Why not you start teaching financial literacy to young adults?
  • Why not you gather a team to start rebuilding a community?
  • Why not you lend a helping hand to a single mother?
  • Why not you write an uplifting song?
  • Why not you write an inspirational book?
  • Why not you start encouraging those around you to eat healthy and exercise?
  • Why not you express your love for your mother?
  • Why not you humble yourself and forgive your father?
  • Why not you take your son on a weekend getaway?

Yes, the issues are many. Yes, someone else could take care of them. But why not you?


  • Why not take steps towards starting the program today?
  • Why not start sharing your ideas today?
  • Why not start volunteering today?
  • Why not lend a helping hand today?
  • Why not start writing those lyrics today?
  • Why not start creating that piece of art today?
  • Why not start outlining your book today?
  • Why not express your love today?
  • Why not forgive today?
  • Why not do today?

Could you start next year? Sure.
Could you start after you finish school. Of course.
Could you start when you are more financially secure? Yes.
But why not start…now?

What needs to be done?
Why not you?
Why not now?

The questions are key.

But what is even more important is our response.