The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.
Helen Keller

Effective dreaming requires not only sight, but, more importantly, vision.

With that said, to help you further understand vision, the following are three elements of vision that I am convinced all dreamers must maintain, to “see” their dreams to fruition:

Vision Element #1 – Vision to see your blessings.

An effective dreamer must first recognize and be grateful for their many blessings. It is from the recognition of your many blessings and freedoms that your dream can begin formation.

Vision Element #2 – Vision to see past your obstacles.

The vision of a dreamer also enables him/herself to see past their current negative circumstances and roadblocks.  You must see and recognize the importance of suffering and pain and uses your obstacles to strengthen and mature you for your dream journey.

Vision Element #3 – Vision to see your ideal future.

Finally, a dreamer must have a clear picture of what the fulfilled dream looks like. You see how your life and the world at large will be impacted by the fulfillment of your dream, and it is this clarity that pulls you towards your dream’s completion.