As I set out to plant the church that I believe God has called me to plant, I must be careful to avoid the following traps that I will be prone to fall into:

The Comparison Trap. I must plant the church that God has called me to plant, and I must be the pastor that God has called me to be. I can learn from and be inspired by other churches and pastors, but I cannot let what they are doing or experiencing be the ultimate measuring stick for my success. I must define my success as a church planter by how obedient I am being to what God is calling me to do.

The Church-olatry Trap. I must keep Jesus first. Jesus is my God and I shall have no other gods but Him — ministry included. The attendance, the offerings, the testimonies — these things cannot be the source of my joy. Though these things may be good and of God, the moment my source of fulfillment is found in them, they have become my idol.

The Celebrity Trap. I must focus on making Jesus the hero. I am not planting a church to make a name for myself. I am not planting a church to build a platform for my agenda. I am not planting a church to extend my kingdom. I am planting a church to extend the Kingdom of God on earth. If what I am doing in leading the church becomes a greater focus than what Christ is doing in building the church, I have failed.

What traps must you avoid in your vocation?