#547 - TWO DOORS

There are two types of doors.
I'd like you to know.
Two types you'll encounter
On the road as you go.

The first is the kind
you must push to get through.
With this type of door
the main character is you.

You have to work.
You have to fight.
To get through this door
You must use all your might.

Though there is some relief
when you finally get in.
The main problem is with
the tension within.

Was this a door
that I was to open?
Because if it was
why do I feel broken?

It's almost as if
it wasn't meant to be.
There's no calm. There's no peace.
On the inside of me.

But the second type of door
It's totally different.
When you see it you'll know.
You'll know in an instant.

Instead of your will.
Instead of determination.
This type of door
is marked by invitation.

Invitation to come.
Invitation to be a part.
Invitation to join.
Invitation to start.

When you walk through this door
It doesn't feel forced
But instead it feels like
By God it's endorsed!

These are the doors
you should wait patiently for.
These are the doors
when they open - don't ignore.

So why do I explain
the two doors that exist?
It's only because
 I must challenge how you persist.

It's not that I think
your hard work isn't okay.
I'd just like you to consider:



Dear Heavenly Father,

The privilege You've given,
to me to lead,
is a gift and a burden,
a burden indeed.

And although I am grateful
for the position I'm in, 
the truth of the matter  
is I'm struggling within. 

There are so many tensions
I know I must manage
but my lack of experience
is not an advantage!

To be gentle? To be harsh?
To hire? To fire?
Doing Your will
that's my only desire. 

To plan for the future?
To focus on the now?
It's a constant dilemma
would you please show me how? 

To spend my time with a few? 
To focus my energy on the many? 
I'm in need of Your wisdom, 
I'm waiting. I'm ready! 

I'm in desperate need
for Your sovereign hand to guide
because I know if it doesn't, 
I will not survive. 


You have only 26 letters
But infinite ways
to combine them together
to create words that amaze.

You can challenge and inspire.
You can uplift. You can heal.
The full range of emotions
you can make people feel.

But because we’re surrounded
by negativity and pride
it is my deep desire
that today you’d decide

To choose your words wisely
and keep this truth in sight:
There is great responsibility
in deciding to write.


Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing. – Jesus of Nazareth

Though your dreams are important.
Though your purpose is key.
Real life can only be found
In the presence of He.

For apart from Christ’s love
No real fruit will you bear.
Of this timeless truth
I hope you’re aware.


Along your dream journey
You will experience that day
When a hardship arrives
To cause much delay.

It will force you to doubt.
It will take away joy.
To stop you from dreaming
Is its‘ primary ploy.

But what you must know
Is that your reaction is key.
For how you respond
Your dream longs to see.

Will you crack? Will you complain?
Will you fold? Will you quit?
Or will you push through
And to your dream, recommit?

The decision will be hard.
Trials aren’t easy to endure.
But in closing you must know
Of this one thing I am sure:

When you decide to move forward,
Not only will the adversity you survive
But your dream will rejoice
Because you kept it alive.


If you only knew
Of your destiny inside
You would decide on this day
From your art you won’t hide.

If you only knew
Of your purpose within
You would no longer bother
With that particular sin.

If you only knew
Of your assignment from birth
You would make a commitment
To realize your self-worth.

If you only knew
The true value of you
Your world would be changed.
If you only knew...