Dear Donavan,

In a little more than 24 hours, you are going to marry my one and only baby sister Christina Paz. Though she grew up with three brothers and a father, who love her with all of our hearts, after tomorrow, you are going to be THE primary male voice, influence, spiritual leader, and friend in her life. So it is with that in mind that I want to share a few thoughts...

  1. Christina is a reader. Please make sure she always has a budget for books and nice bookshelves where she can store them.
  2. Christina is a writer. Please make sure she always has a Macbook. Not the latest one necessarily, but definitely not one that is super old. Writers write best on Apple products.
  3. Christina is a romantic. Please take her on dates that make her feel special, and binge watch the sappy shows/movies with her that have guys in them taking their girls on dates that make them feel special. 
  4. Christina is a Giants and Warriors fan...for life. Don't try to con her into becoming a fan of any Los Angeles sports franchise. Notice I didn't say please. 
  5. Christina is a leader. Please create the proper space for her to exercise her leadership gifting within your home. Also, please do everything you can to encourage her to lead outside of the home as well. 
  6. Christina loves her family. Though she is "leaving" us and being united with you, please make an effort to reunite us often. Her heart is filled after time spent with her family. Also, our times of laughter, joking, and sarcasm just aren't the same when she's not there. 
  7. Christina loves Jesus. Please give her plenty of reasons to love Jesus more. Love her like Christ loves the Church. Sacrifice for her like Christ sacrifices for the Church. Forgive her like Christ forgives the Church. Extend grace to her like Christ extends grace to the Church. Bless her like Christ blesses the Church. 

Now if that all seems like a bit much, here's what you need to know Donavan: If anyone can love my sister in all the ways that I've just outlined above, it is YOU! I choose YOU Donavan Doan! And if you had a twin, I would still choose YOU!

You are PERFECT for my sister. 

Donavan, you are a man of integrity. You are a man of high values. You are a man of character. You are patient. You are kind. You are compassionate. You are responsible. You are wise. You are diligent. You love the Lord. You fear the Lord. You trust the Lord. 

Donavan, I believe in you. 

You will lead your family well, and you will help my sister to become the woman of God that she was originally created to become. I can trust that you will do this because I know that you trust that Christ will do this through you!

Though you are blessed to have Christina as your wife, she is blessed to have you as her husband, and we are blessed to have you join our family. 

Tomorrow is surely going to be a day you will remember for a very long time. I can't wait to celebrate with you. I love you Donavan. 

Your brother,